Group Size

Landmark Park can accommodate field trips for various numbers of students. However, we recommend teachers schedule trips for two classes or a maximum of 60 students per group. For larger groups, please contact the Education Department. We cannot present programs for groups smaller than 10 students (some exclusions do apply).

Due to fire code regulations; the MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY FOR THE PLANETARIUM IS 35 INDIVIDUALS. Student safety is our number one priority so we will not allow more than 35 individuals; students and adults, into the planetarium at a time so please plan accordingly.

Due to the popularity of our programs, an accurate count of student participants is due two weeks prior to the program date. Once the two week deadline has passed, the school is responsible for a minimum payment of 80% of the number of students participants stated in the program confirmation letter, or the last number submitted in writing prior to the two week deadline. Any changes to a program must be submitted in writing to the Education Department via email or mail. (, ATTN: Education Department P.O. Box 6362 Dothan, AL 36302). The Education Department will confirm any changes.


Adults and children should wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather. Closed toe shoes are required. Please plan for weather and remind students to bring sweaters/jackets/rain jackets when necessary. We operate in all kinds of weather.

Arrival and Departure 

Please make plans to arrive at the park at least 15 minutes or more prior to your scheduled education program. This will give you plenty of time to exit the bus and get in to your groups, and use the restrooms, as well as meet up with any extra chaperones or parents. Please arrive on time. Late groups may have their program shortened to conclude on time. Groups who arrive 30 minutes late or more risk missing the program. 

In most cases we have more than one group on site and need to stick to our schedule. When you arrive at the Park, our gate attendant will greet your group, accept any program fees, and direct you where you park and meet your instructor. Please make sure all adults attending, including bus drivers, know that EVERY vehicle must stop to check in at our gate house. All vehicles must also park at the Gatehouse next to the playground. 

Early arrivals may have to wait until staff and program preparations are ready. During this delay you and your group are invited to explore the grounds, just be sure to be back at the designated meeting point in time for your program. Please be respectful of other groups on-site who may already be in a program while exploring the Park grounds. 

A staff member will greet you and your students to give your group an orientation. If classes are to be divided or broken up into groups, please have this organized before your arrival. Please note the orientation is for ALL students and chaperones, even if their program is not until a later time.

Please pay attention to your program information letter, as it contains important information about where you will need to park, unload, meet the Landmark Park staff member, etc.

Martin Drugstore Pre-Orders 

We recommend requesting a pre-order of ice cream or telling your students they can only order ice cream ($2 per cup). Candy is available for those who do not wish to eat ice cream. Please note the Martin Drugstore is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Responsibilities of Teachers and Chaperones 

During your visit the behavior of your students will be your responsibility. We hope that your primary concern, as ours, is to provide quality education for your students. We reserve the right to dismiss disruptive and disrespectful individuals or groups from a program. Landmark Park staff also reserves the right to make corrections to student behavior, especially if there is an immediate safety issue. 


Due to the popularity of our programming, teachers are encouraged to make their reservations as soon as possible. To start the reservation process, please fill out a reservation request form which can be found on our website. ( Please note your reservation is not complete until you have received your program confirmation letter. Groups who pay in full two business days prior to the program date will receive a 10% discount. The Education Department will not present programs to groups who have not paid their deposit. If you have a special request or would like for our staff to emphasize a particular subject during your program, please write it in the “comments” section of your reservation request or email the Education Department. In order to better serve you, all program changes must be requested in writing and occur two weeks prior to the program. Our cancellation policy for education programs can be found below. For more information, please contact the Education Department via phone (334-794-3452) or email (

General Rules 

Landmark Park is a very special place, and your trip to Landmark Park will be what you make of it. It is important to approach Landmark Park as a learning experience. Landmark Park is a living history museum; it collects and preserves (buildings and artifacts as well as natural habitats), studies, and interprets for the public the natural and cultural heritage of the Wiregrass Region. During your visit, the control and behavior of the student’s will be the teacher’s responsibility. We ask that your primary concern be helping us encourage the development of a unique learning situation.

-Respect others in your group and park staff 

-Teachers and chaperones must stay with their groups at all times 

-Chaperones should always set good example for the students. This includes not talking during the program, staying off their phones, etc. 

-Students and chaperones are asked not to talk while the Educator is talking or while other students are asking questions

-Students should use the bathroom when first arriving at the Park

-Cameras and cell phones are welcome, however we ask that students and adults refrain from using cell phones, chewing gum, or eating food during the program

-Landmark Park staff and the media may be present during your program to take pictures or videos. It is your responsibility to inform the Education Department if you have any students that cannot be photographed.

-Landmark Park reserves the right to send home any student who destroys property, behaves aggressively or takes any other action deemed detrimental to other students or the program. The school will be responsible for providing transportation in such cases and for any damage to the facilities and equipment. No refunds will be made in these circumstances.


You are more than welcome to bring in lunches. There are several picnic areas available. There are 12 tables under the playground pavilion, next to the Interpretive Center, and scattered around the Park. All picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please make sure all trash is thrown in the trash cans. Please make sure students are aware of the proper recycling bins for aluminum and plastic. Landmark Concessions requires a pre-order two weeks ahead of time. Please request more information through calling (334-794-3452) or emailing at

Cost & Payment 

Full payment is due no later than the day of the program. We accept credit cards, cash and checks. All checks should be made payable to Landmark Park. If you are mailing your check, please mail it to P.O. Box 6362 Dothan, AL 36302, not our physical address. You will receive an invoice with your program confirmation. Groups paying for programming are allowed to arrive early or stay after your program is complete to enjoy all Landmark Park has to offer.


Landmark Park reserves the right to alter, reschedule, or cancel programs due to severe weather. A member of the Education Department will contact you to discuss options should this occur. In most cases, programming can be moved indoors or the teacher will have the option to change to an indoor program. Should Landmark Park find it necessary to cancel a program, a full refund will be issued. 

Rescheduling or canceling a group must be done at least two weeks prior to your visit. Groups that reschedule may transfer deposits from one program to another within the same school year. Landmark Park cannot guarantee availability for the program on a later date. Refunds will not be issued to groups who pre-pay for programs and cancel within two weeks prior to the program date, except in special circumstances. To cancel or reschedule, please contact the Education Department via mail or email. You will receive a cancellation or rescheduling confirmation once the request has been processed by the Education Department.

Parents and Chaperones 

Groups are only be allowed to bring 1 teacher in for free for every ten students. Bus drivers are always free. Other chaperones will pay the required fee (same as student price) to enter and enjoy the program with their students.

For the seasonal sessions that parents are unlimited, they will ALL be required to pay a program fee. Please note: if some of your parents prepay with your school, but your school does not prepay with the Park, there is usually a lot of confusion at our gate because we have no way of knowing which parents have paid and which ones have not. Please keep in touch with an Education Department staff member about how you plan on handling chaperones so they can advise you on the best option and eliminate extra stress and confusion on the day of your program. 

Parents or chaperones who are Landmark Park members will still have to pay the program fee. 

We also suggest a self-led field trip for these groups; although, a self-led program request is required to make sure there is not any conflicting field trips. Parents will pay gate admission for self-led tours.