When scheduling your class field trip to Landmark Park, choose from the many educational programs listed on the following pages.  These programs are designed for specific grades and meet Alabama, Georgia, and Florida Course of Study Standards.  For a list of standards for each program, contact the Education Director at jenni@landmarkparkdothan.com

Pre-K Field Classes

45 Minutes

Field Classes $6/student

Farm Tour


Overview: Students will acquire a greater understanding of the lifestyle of rural farm families at the turn of the century with a visit to our Wiregrass Farmstead.  Students will learn about the animals that would have been found on a farm at the turn of the century and the important job each animal had.


  • Every animal on a farm has a job and serve a purpose.
  • Children had to help run the farm and had chores that needed to be completed every day.
  • Life at the turn-of-the-century was a lot harder than life today.

Key Terms: Cow, Sheep, Chickens, Mule, Hog, Food, Water, Shelter, dairy, wool

Discovering Our World


Overview: Using their five senses, students will explore the world around them and discover the living things that call Landmark Park’s nature trail home.  They will discover why senses are important to both animals and people.


  • Our senses give us information.
  • The information gained from using our senses helps us discover the world around us.
  • There are many textures, colors, sounds, and scents in nature.
  • Nature provides shelter for a variety of animals.

Key Terms: Hearing, smelling, touching, seeing, tasting