Self-Led Groups

The Park is often visited by several groups on the same day. In order to ensure we do not have any conflicting programs and have enough staff on site, we ask that all self-led groups make reservations two weeks prior to coming to the Park. Groups that show up without a reservation will risk being turned away if it happens to be on a day when we cannot accommodate self-led groups. All self-led groups will receive a program confirmation letter via email. All self-led groups are expected to adhere to the Education Department’s policies.

Reservations may be made by filling out the Self-Led Group Reservation Request Form here.  Groups must consist of 15 or more people to qualify for the self-led group. Gate admission is required ($5 per adult; $4 per child).

Alabama Agricultural Museum Come visit the Alabama’s official museum of agriculture to bring history to life. This immersive experience will take you through a journey of what daily life was like in the late 1800s in Alabama. You will follow an agricultural product from beginning to end as well as traveling through time in each exhibit Discover new things in our gift shop as well! 

Wiregrass Farmstead and Town Square This historical farmstead has several buildings to view as well as farm animals. Students will discover our blacksmith shop, kitchen garden, barn, Watson Cabin, smokehouse, and even an outhouse! The Waddell House is located in the center of the farmstead. This is a must see for students of all ages and a great learning opportunity of how technology has radically changed over a century ago. The town square features a One-Room Schoolhouse, Headland Presbyterian Church, and Martin Drugstore. 

Boardwalk Students will be able to journey around our 1/4 mile, elevated boardwalk and see the many signs left by our wildlife that call Landmark Park home. Enjoy the beaver dams and lodges, feed the turtles and fish in our creeks, and even see a unique beehive in our famous bee tree. The boardwalk is handicapped accessible. 

Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Exhibit Located in our Interpretive Center Lobby, this brand new exhibit showcases the longleaf pine ecosystem with live animals, graphics and interactive activities. 

We also have a playground and picnic tables!