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Welcome Teachers!

Thank you for considering Landmark Park as your educational programming resource.  Here you will find all the information needed to schedule a field trip to Landmark Park, where your students will participate in hands-on learning curriculum that correlates to the state standards.

We look forward to working with you!

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About Your Visit

During field trips, students will be guided through several hands –on education programs designed to enhance the learning experience.  These education programs use history and the environment as a context of learning so students can apply the knowledge gained during Landmark Park programs back in the classroom and in their everyday lives.

Two picnic areas are available on the Park grounds for groups who choose to picnic.  We also have The Barnyard Playground, a 15,000 sq. ft. custom designed playground, built with a barnyard theme.


Reservations are accepted beginning May 15th, 2017 for programs offered between August 1, 2017, and May 11, 2018.  Due to the popularity of our programming, teachers are encouraged to make their reservations as soon as possible.  To start the reservation process, please fill out a reservation request form  Please note your reservation is not complete until you have received your program confirmation letter and paid your deposit!  A deposit of 25% of your total program fee is due one month after submitting your program request. Groups who pay in full prior to the program date will receive a 10% discount! 

If you have a special request or would like for our staff to emphasize a particular subject during your program, please write it in the “comments” section of your reservation request or email the Education Department.  In order to better serve you, all program changes must be requested in writing and occur two weeks prior to the program.

Group Size

Landmark Park can accommodate field trips for various numbers of students.  Our minimum number of students required for a program is 10 students with a maximum of 60 students.  For larger groups, please contact the Education Department.

Parents and Chaperones

Parents and chaperones are welcome to attend field trips.  Your group will receive one free parent or chaperone for every 10 students attending.  Additional parents or chaperones will pay the program fee.  Pre-paid and free parents and chaperones will receive a wristband so our Gate Attendant will know not to charge them.  Wristbands will be mailed to the teacher prior to the program.  Our Gate Attendant will not be responsible for distributing wristbands and will charge the program fee to any adult without a wristband.

Parents should not bring their own children, other than the student, to the program especially if they are younger than the group they are accompanying.

Self-Led Groups

The Park is often visited by several different school groups on the same day. Many of these groups have paid for staff-led educational programs.  In order to ensure we do not have any conflicting programs and have enough staff on site, we ask that all self-led groups make reservations two weeks prior to coming to the Park.  This will allow all students on site to enjoy their experience.  Reservations may be made by filling out the Self-Led Group Reservation Request Form here.  Self-led groups do not require a deposit and only pay regular admission, which is $3 for students and $4 for adults.

State Standards

We are currently working on matching our courses to the state standards of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.  For a list of standards for each Field Class, Planetarium Program, or Seasonal Session, please  contact the Education Director (

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Field Classes         Planetarium Programs          Mini Sessions

Seasonal Sessions