Add-On Mini-Sessions

45 minutes, $3/student

These classes can be added to any field class or planetarium pro- gram. Taught in the form of a field class, these condensed classes are great for groups that want a little more but don’t have quite enough time for a full program.


Authors & Explorers 

Overview: Using the fragrances, sounds, textures, and tapestry of nature around them as inspiration, students will learn to express themselves articulately through nature journaling. Using metaphors, similes, and adjectives to describe what they are experiencing, students will learn how early naturalists and explorers discovered the world around them. Students will also have an opportunity to experience a solo nature hike, use magnifying glasses to get a closer look at nature and much more!

Recommended age: 3rd Grade & up 


Life in a Log 

Overview: There is a complete, small ecosystem inside each “dead” log. Students will learn about the life of a tree, the animals that depend on it, and what happens to it after it dies. Observation and recording skills are utilized to learn more about the producers, consumers, and decomposers in this forest floor habitat.

Recommended age: 3rd Grade & up 



Overview: Students learn about turn-of-the-century textile production including how wool and cotton are pre-pared. Activities may include washing wool, carding wool or cotton, observing spinning, and trying their hands at weaving on a variety of looms.

Recommended age: 2nd Grade & up 


Incredible Insects 

Overview: Learn about the most common animals on earth: the insects. Find out about harmful and beneficial species and some of the more common types of insects. Students will have an opportunity to observe insects in their natural habitat.

Recommended age: preK and up 


Radical Reptiles 

Overview: Live animal program! In this program, students will learn the importance of reptiles as well as their distinguishing characteristics. Students will also have the opportunity to touch a live reptile!

Recommended age: K and up 


Old Time Games 

Overview: Students learn about how children amused them-selves in the late 1800s and what games they might have played. Activities may include trying out a variety of old time games such as marbles, jacks, tug-a-war, and more!

Recommended age: K and up 


Navigating our World 

Overview: Maps and compasses are useful tools for navigation and have been used for thousands of years. Through demonstrations, explanations, and hands-on activities, students will gain an understanding of how to use a map and a compass.

Recommended age: 3rd and up 


Microscope Program 

Overview: In this program, students will learn the parts of a microscope as well as how they are used. Students will have the opportunity to use both microscopes and stereoscopes to take a closer look at various items from the world around them.

Recommended age: 5th and up 


Farm Tour 

Overview: Students will acquire a greater understanding of the lifestyle of rural farm families at the turn of the century with a visit to our Wiregrass Farmstead. Students will learn about the many aspects of farm life, including household chores, food preparation, and recreation.

Recommended age: preK and up 


Nature Hike 

Overview: During this 45 minute hike, students will have a chance to explore and learn about all the living things that call Landmark Park home. Teachers can choose between a hike on the Nature Trail or the Boardwalk as well an aspect to focus on during the hike such as insects, birds, etc.

Recommended age: preK and up